Nokia is entering the tablet market

One of the biggest names in the mobile phones business, Nokia, is going to be present on the tablet’s market.

This message came from the company, which is constantly having losses in the last few years after it was too slow and missed the boom of smartphones, tablets and devices that can be connected to the internet.

There is no news when exactly Nokia is going to have its own tablet, but it is sure that it will be one of the best models available so far. The Finnish company has no other choice than to invest lots of money and efforts to offer a model which will help them to get back to the leading role on mobile market.

‘We have to have a closer look at that market because tablets are really important’, said Jorma Ollila a former CEO of Nokia. ‘We missed the boom of the smartphone and this is why we have problems today’, added Mr. Ollila.

Actually it was exactly Nokia which invented the smartphones, but later they decided not to invest more money in that sector which proved to be a serious mistake. They left the market open for companies like HTC and Apple which are making successful model after successful model and gaining bigger and bigger part from the market. This is why today Nokia is forced to try everything in their power to return all lost positions on the market and we all know what Nokia is capable of doing if they focus their eyes on the right direction.

Of course, the news that Nokia is entering on the tablet market has been one of the top news for all the bloggers and vloggers on the net. The reactions came fast:

For us, the users, the news that the new Nokia tablet is coming is only good news. All we have to do now is wait to see how good it will be.