Tablet PC: So, Intel with new Ultrabooks

Easy Keyboard Tablets and Ultrabooks with touch screen is very similar to the super-slim tablets. Since cheap notebooks and tablets have destroyed the netbook market, Intel looking for a new computer trend. The company wants to establish itself in the market with ultrabooks and it promotes the Intel-based Ultrabooks with a 300-million-dollar fund.

The money is needed

In the traditional PC market, Intel reported a decline in sales. The interest to their products goes back many years. Nevertheless, now there is a fall in sales of netbooks and notebooks, because many customers prefer to buy tablets. Tablets and only rarely put Intel chips. It comes to manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Nvidia and Samsung.

Intel sets the course

Intel Manager Eden praised current Ultrabooks, for example, for increased their performance: Impressive that was when he Dozens digital photos was almost in seconds convert to a compact digital photo album, demonstrating a Formula 1 racing game with high resolution graphics on a lightweight laptop.

Soon the Ultra Touch Books

A key element of future Ultrabooks should be touchscreens. Eden demonstrated in detail the basis of the prototype of a touch Ultrabooks how easy it is to browse through digital magazines, as and how intuitive you can resize images, and text. Tests with test users have shown that people easy operate with a touch for laptops.

Sensible laptops

However, touch is not all. Mooly Eden showed an Ultrabook, which is equipped with sensors, as they are known from tablets and smartphones. The applications for these sensors, however, should be different from that shown by Eden Games Tablet. In everyday life, it is a good bit of fun to control the ball in a virtual maze game by a complete Ultrabook back and herbalanciert. Lightweight laptops weigh a pound or more, and far from being as handy as tablets.


Finally, the presentation of the Intel manager still is a prototype. Under this designation refers to laptops, where you can turn the display panel and the keyboard, to use as a tablet. Ultrabooks bring with Intel chips on the market that are almost as small, thin as tablets are, but they will have a full keyboard. With a new generation of ultra-slim and light Convertibles, the chip company Intel would have the chance to reverse the current trend and the Tablets wrest back market share.